Beach Necessities 101

Beach Necessities 101

Going to the beach can be a little overwhelming.. especially if it’s not an everyday thing for you! So, if you’re going on vacation and aren’t really sure what to bring, then keep on reading!

1. SUNSCREEN. This one is definitely a no brainer. The sun is 10 times more powerful at the beach because it’s reflecting off the sand and water so make sure (especially if you have fair skin) to bring a high SPF to protect yourself.

2. Sandals. People sometimes don’t think about this one because it’s the beach duh! However, the sand can get really hot or the deck you have to walk on so it’s just always more comfortable to have a pair on hand!

3. A hat. This isn’t a necessity, but your face is the most sensitive area so the sun is going to be more harmful. A helpful tip, don’t wear a hat for a little bit if you are trying to tan your face then put it on after an hour or so. A sunburnt face can be very painful and unattractive when it starts peeling.

4. Sunglasses. Duh. Gotta protect your eyes and be able to see haha! It’s so much more brighter on the beach!

5. A good lotion. You don’t have to bring this on the beach, but make sure you apply some good lotion that’s very moisturizing when you come inside. The salt water and the sun dries out your skin and you don’t want to be flaky!

6. Camera. Some people forget this and it’s okay because it’s always good to live in the moment. Although, having some good family pictures is always awesome so bring a camera!

7. Beach umbrella. There will be some point where you are tired of the sun but don’t wanna go inside yet so just bring you a good sturdy umbrella and stick in it the ground!

8. Snacks and drinks. Drinks is a big one because you what to make sure you stay hydrated!
9. Beach chairs!!! The best part about the beach is how you can plop a chair down right where the tide comes in and hang out there all day! It’s the BEST!

10. Any toys. Floaties, tubes, buckets and shovels, volleyballs/footballs and whatever else you can fit in your beach bag because it’s always so fun to play different things at the beach!

11. A cover up. This one is super important because if you’re already burnt but want to go outside you can just put on a beach cover up! That way you don’t have be fully dressed and can still be in the water!

12. Towels. Duh. But make sure when you’re ready to use them that you aren’t putting them back down because they’ll be COVERED in sand. Lol!

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