Essentials for Every Purse

Essentials for Every Purse

It can be hard to decide what all goes in your purse. You compile weeks worth of things just because you always want to be prepared. Use this guide to help you always be prepared with the things in your purse!

1. Small make-up bag with touch up makeup.

You’d be surprised how much makeup smudges and comes off through out the day. Once you start doing touch ups... you’ll understand!

2. Small bag of tissues.

They’re great for when you have allergies or even if you don’t they’re good for spills or just whenever you get a little emotional.

3. Mints/gum

Garlic lunch doesn’t exactly smell the best in meetings or just up close and personal.

4. Band-aids

Especially if you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes! They are great for blisters or even if a piece of clothing is rubbing the wrong way!

5. Hair ties

There’s always someone asking for one or a time when you really need one, so just be prepared anyways!

6. Wallet

No brainer.

7. Phone charger and car adapter

You never know when you will need your phone in an emergency so be ready and have a phone charger just in case!

8. Ibuprofen, tylenol, menstrual meds

Headaches. Cramps. Sore from the gym. You never know when you’ll need some or your colleagues.

9. Hand sanitizer

For when hand washing isn’t available or just when you touch something gross. You can never go wrong with some hand sanitizer.

10.Small pack of flushable wipes

Ever had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad, but guess what? THERE’S NO TOILET PAPER. Good thing you have some flushable wipes in your purse!

11. Mini vaseline/lotion

Vaseline can be used for chapped lips, makeup remover, and moisturizer and it’s all in a tiny container. A small hand lotion isn’t bad either for the wintry dry months!

12. Pen and notepad

You may need to take some information so it’s always best to have a notepad just in case the information is too sensitive for your phone. A pen NEVER hurts especially for signing checks at the bank!

13. Extra jewelry

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets... you might need to spice yourself up real quick before going somewhere, so just be prepared with some jewelry that can go with anything!

14. Sunglasses with case

Sunglasses are perfect for the sunny days and always look super cute so just have them on hand in your purse! Make sure they’re in a case though so they don’t get scratched!

15. Roll on perfume

There’s always a time to freshen up!

16. Small mirror

For those makeup and hair touch ups duh!!!

17. Pacifier

For those mommas out there- you know this one comes in handy!

18. Extra panties

There’s always one of those days where you completely forgot you are supposed to start your period. Be comfortable and have a fresh extra pair of panties on hand.

19. Tampons/pads

You do NOT want to be caught in a situation without any of these.

20. Headphones

Want to avoid conversations or just need to listen to something important? Carry around some extra earbuds!

21. Thread kit

It’s always so depressing when you rip a hole in your favorite clothing! Stitch it up real quick or cut the loose thread with a thread kit!

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