Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone breaks the laws of fashion every now and then. Follow this awesome guide to avoid fashion mishaps! You’ll stay rockin’ all 2020 girl.

1. DON’T wear a bunch of different prints. Don’t pair a zebra top with leopard pants. It looks like a zoo, literally.

2. DO own a pair of nude dress shoes such as pumps or booties. Nude is so classy and matches everything!

3. DON’T wear dark undergarments with sheer or white dresses, pants, or tops. Find nude undergarments for a clean look.

4. DO wear vertical stripes. Vertical stripes elongate the body for a thinner look.

5. DON’T wear heels you can’t walk in. It can be embarrassing. Try a pair of wedges or platform sandals instead!

6. DO buy pants with an elastic band for more comfort.

7. DON’T wear jeans that are too small. Not only are they unflattering but very uncomfortable.

8. DO buy a good bra. Everything will fit better, look better, and FEEL better! A good bra is a woman’s best friend.

9. DON’T over accessorize. Sometimes simple is more beautiful. Too many accessories can be annoying to deal with and look overwhelming.

10. DO try something that’s “not you” every once in a while. You never know, you may discover a whole new style for yourself and fall in love.

By following this guide, you’ll stay stylish all year long for 2020!!!

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