Fashion Life Hacks

Fashion Life Hacks

There’s a hack for everything, even fashion! These hacks will make your life just a little bit easier and end up saving some money! With all the busyness in life, we don’t always have time to do something the right way.... so that’s what hacks are for!

1. To achieve a perfectly cuffed sleeve, keep the top button buttoned while you roll.

2. Roll up the bottom of jeans when they are too long,  it makes them look sleek and not baggy and thrown together!

3. Check your bra fit by seeing if you can fit two fingers under your bra band comfortably. If you can’t, it’s probably too tight.

4. You can tell if a pair of pants will fit without trying them on by wrapping the waist around your neck. If the pants are your size, the jeans will wrap just once around your neck without overlap.

5. To remove yellow sweat stains from white shirts, spray the affected areas with lemon juice before you put them in the wash.

6. Use a hair straightener to iron your collar. 

7. Next time you have a loose button or thread, simply add a drop of clear nail polish! This will set the thread in place and give you enough time to prepare a convenient time to sew it back on... or you can just keep doing this because who has time to sew????

8. Whenever you outfit requires a T-back bra, make one yourself by bringing the straps together with a paperclip.

9. Soften your itchy sweaters with warm water and conditioner! Just leave them to air dry after and they’ll be soft as ever!

10. Got a favorite pair of pants that are too big?Just simply fold the existing seam onto itself and secure with a safety clip.

11. Sticky zippers are sooo annoying so rub Vaseline, crayon wax, or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of a zipper to help it slide smoothly.

12. Use a pumice stone to remove pilling from your fave sweaters! 

13. Prevent fading of dark jeans by adding 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to the last washing cycle.

14. Rub deodorant on the back of your shoes to prevent blistering.

15. Use a dry sponge to remove pesky deodorant marks from your favorite black blouse!

16. Use shaving cream to remove makeup from collars or any other areas.

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