Five Step Skincare Routine

Five Step Skincare Routine

Happy Friday!!! I have a special after makeup skin routine just in time for the weekend! So get all glammed up and wear all the makeup you want because this skin care routine will do you wonders!
We get it, sometimes taking off your makeup can be such a hassle before going to bed. Butttttt sleeping in your makeup just makes it worse for in the morning and it leaves residue and dirt on your pillow so when you do go to sleep with a clean face, you’ll wake up all oily and dirty.

1. Use a gentle cleanser with a wipe- micellar water is great but makeup wipes get the job done or my personal favorite the @makeuperaser to remove majority of your makeup!

2. Wash your face with your favorite CALMING face wash- NO HARD ACIDS OR DRYING AGENTS. My favorite is @aveeno positively radiant, it has soy extracts and soy is wonderful for the skin.

3. Time to exfoliate! There is still makeup and dirt deep in your pores so I use just sugar and olive oil to do this! Don’t scrub hard- that’s a no brainer! Using the olive oil will have great affects on your face, it has good vitamins and antioxidants to potentially help fade scars and it does so by rejuvenating your skin cells!

4. Tone it up! Your face just went through some intense cleaning so you gotta close those clean pores! Toner IS THE BEST! It will remove any excess oil, makeup, or dirt still lodged in your pores. It also helps our your pH balance and controls acne. My favorite is @kylieskin vanilla milk toner, it’s alcohol free so it won’t dry out your face. Be careful when shopping for toner- some have alcohol and salicylic acids so if you have dry skin you want to stay away from those!

5. MOISTURIZER!!!!! @ponds and @avon are such a good drug store moisturizers. This step is super important during the winter time because your skin automatically gets dry. Applying moisturizer even just after doing this routine will calm your skin down and replenish the moisture. I like to apply collagen and a neutrogena skin brightening serum with this step so I can maintain a tight face and glow!

I know this is a 5 step routine, so if you’re too tired PLEASE just leave a bag of makeup wipes beside your bed and at least get majority of the makeup off, your skin will thank you.
Also, never ever ever ever forget to drink water to maintain a natural glow!
Go out and rock this weekend! Throw on your favorite outfit and your favorite eyeshadow and have some fun girlfriend!

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