How to Avoid Shopping Mistakes

How to Avoid Shopping Mistakes

Planning on a shopping spree? There can be plenty of mistakes you make when shopping. We’re all guilty of buying things we don’t need and end up regretting it. Keep reading the list to throw away all of your regrets!

Try on the clothes and use a sizing chart! You’ll end up buying something you won’t ever wear... and probably not end up taking back. So just save yourself the trouble and take the extra time to find your size.


Shop around! Don’t just buy the first thing that catches your eye because then when you see something you REALLY want, you won’t be able to get it or will over spend.


Pay attention to the store flyers and the sales! You could save a whole lot of money if you just pay attention to the sales!


Don’t be afraid to sign up for rewards or VIP clubs. Usually when people sign up they send all kinds of rewards to use when they shop! You’ll save money because you’re getting deals that not everyone will get- it definitely won’t hurt! 


Find those off season bargains! Get your sandals in the winter and your boots in the summer! Out of season items are always almost half off, so you’d be crazy not to! 


 Don’t just get it for the label. If you can find the exact same purse at Target for $20 instead of $300 then you know what you should do. People make mistakes all the time by just wanting the label when companies make similar items for less. Splurge sometimes though and get that designer label you are dying for... just don’t make it a habit!


DO NOT open new credit cards for a one-time discount. Been here, done this. I signed up for a credit card so instead of paying 50 dollars, I got a discount and brought it down to 30 dollars which I had a month to pay. Long story short, I sent the check in about a week before and then a couple weeks later I get a bill for a late fee of 30 more dollars. Just because these are store credit cards doesn’t mean they don’t report to the credit bureau. Save yourself the hassle and just don’t sign up for new credit cards.


Too much retail therapy. Yes, you can have too much retail therapy. Who knew? People go shopping for all kinds of a reasons, boredom, depression, personal life issues, or just a whole bunch of emotions. Later on too much “retail therapy” can lead to even more stress because you are spending mindlessly. Have some retail therapy sometimes but don’t make it a habit because you will find yourself in a very deep financial hole. Figure out different ways to cope with your emotions without spending money; just do some window shopping and make a list of all the things you want, then when you are in the right mindset figure out what you really want from the list! 


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