HOW TO: D.I.Y Egg White Face Mask

HOW TO: D.I.Y Egg White Face Mask

You really DON’T have to spend a lot of money to get your skin looking fabulous! As long as you have a carton of eggs in your refrigerator then you can be rockin’ glowing and tight skin all year long! Eggs have so many nutrients that provide many benefits for the skin including: toning, tightening, removing unwanted facial hair, reducing scars, firming of the skin, and reducing puffiness around the eyes along with the amazing benefit of a beautiful glow in the end! This DIY is super easy and super cheap!



One egg white

Paper towels

Makeup brush (unused)




Crack one egg WHITE into a bowl. You can use the egg yolk if you want because eggs have so many great nutrients but you’re going to get the most from just the white. Once you’ve done so, grab some paper towels and rip them up into strips that will fit on your face (some paper towels are two-ply so I like to split them into one-ply so they are thinner but it’s up to you)! Then you just take your makeup brush (I’ve even used a spoon) and rub the egg white all over your face, and then place the strips your face! Let dry for 15 minutes then peel off and rinse your face! Now you’re skin is tight, glowing, and AWAKE!

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