How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style

Just sitting there staring at your closet trying to figure out how to dress for an interview or party but nothing is calling your name? We get it, finding your personal style can be rough. Regardless of what life throws at you, after reading you'll be able to figure out your style and dress for any occasion. 

First and foremost, the most important step to finding your style is to feel CONFIDENT. Don't worry about the size, it doesn't define you. Your heart is what defines you. Just trust your instinct and BE YOU.

Seek inspiration from friends, bloggers, celebrities. Everyone has a different style so you will surely find inspiration from other looks. When I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to wear with my shoes I just go on Google or Pintrest and type "Birkenstock outfits" and millions of pictures show up.

Clean out your closet girl. You usually aren't going to have the same style for four years because trends are constantly changing so you'll find new things you love. Throw out all the stuff that doesn't fit and doesn't speak to you anymore. That way when you are staring at your closet it'll be narrowed down and less overwhelming. Donate them, have a garage sale, or do a closet destash.. just get them out!

Don't be afraid to ask or help when you go into a boutique or store... especially Elle and Co. The employees have a good idea of whats in style at the moment and they will be so patient with you because they get it. We all love making people feel beautiful, so let us do it! You don't know how the dress makes your figure look? Ask! Don' t know if some jeans pair with a shirt you have? Ask away!

Take your lifestyle and career into consideration, because it has a lot to do with your style! Think about the impression you want to make to the world. A wardrobe shouldn't all be your creativeness, but your lifestyle too because it plays a big part. An idea on how to get started on this- write down all the situations you could have for the week, it could be parties, work, sporting events, the gym, dinner, and etc. Revisit this list when you clean out your closet or go shopping, if that item doesn't check many boxes for those occasions then you don't need it. The key to a successful wardrobe is to have clothes you can wear with multiple outfits.

Have accessories!!!! You can never have too many! Make sure you have a nice little collection of golds, silvers, diamonds, or whatever and make sure they go with at least a couple outfits! Accessories seriously bring an outfit together! 

Finding your personal style is so easy even if you think you are sooooo behind on trends. This guide will definitely help you! 


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