How to Style for a Date

How to Style for a Date

We all know whether it’s your first date or your 20th, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. So, we’ve created these tips to help you be able to style for a date!

To begin, it’s essential to give yourself enough time to plan what you are wearing, that way you aren’t stressing out an hour before. Maybe pick something out the night before.

Use an outfit or color you are most complimented on. That piece or color obviously is doing something for you, so rock it!

Don’t wear ANYTHING you can’t eat in, walk in, or breathe in. You will just be uncomfortable the entire night.

Black is always a go to color. It’s sexy, sleek, and classy!

This is a no brainer, but don’t wear something out of your hamper or wrinkly.

If you know you normally can’t keep a white shirt clean... just don’t wear one.

Don’t go to over the top. Look like yourself and don’t try to dress like someone you are not.

Know the type of date. Dinner dates are more dressed up but coffee and after work dates are more casual.

Don’t wear clothes you’ll constantly be pulling up or adjusting. Like said before, you’ll constantly be messing with it and it will get OLD.

Lastly, just wear something that YOU are confident and comfortable in. You will enjoy the date way more and not be worried about outfit mishaps, and be able to pay attention and have fun!!

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