The Cutest Kimonos

The Cutest Kimonos

Kimonos are the best pieces to make a statement! We have a gorgeous and enormous collection of kimonos that fit all kinds of unique styles! Read below to find some of our newer ones or visit the website or download our Elle and Co. Boutique app, available on Apple and Android devices. 

1. Black and White Cheetah Sheer Kimono

2. Black Mint Cream Floral Duster

3. Black and White Cheetah Ruffle Sleeve Kimono

4. Navy Pink Palm Leaf Layered Duster

5. White Lace Kimono

6. Purple Mixed Animal Print Blousy Duster

7. Pink Chiffon Floral Bubble Sleeve Kimono

8. Blue Mix with Gold Palm Duster

9. Vintage Indigo Lace Sleeve Kimono

10. Dusty Orange Palm Floral Duster

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