Tips on How to Wear A Hat

Tips on How to Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat can be dreadful to some, but that’s just because you haven’t been told the do’s and don’ts! Follow this guide to insure you will rock a hat any season!

DO purchase a baseball cap.

DON’T purchase a bucket hat (you know the ones that rappers wear) unless you’re into that style.

DO buy a floppy hat.

DON’T match your hat perfectly with your outfit.

DO tuck your hair behind one ear for a baseball cap.

DON’T buy a fedora that’s too small for your head, it should sit perfectly and not look like Abe Lincoln.

DO wear a floppy or wide brim hat with flowy dresses for a classy, summery look.

DON’T wear straight hair while wearing a baseball cap or fedora (well, you can but it looks much cuter with wavy or curled hair).

DO wear a baseball cap with jeans.

DON’T wear a baseball cap with a dress.

DO part your hair down the middle and wear it straight for wide brim or floppy hats.

DON’T add a hat to an already complicated outfit.

DO add a beanie with skinny jeans.

DON’T pair a patterned hat with a patterned dress.

DO step out of your comfort zone and take the time to find YOUR perfect hat... because we all know they are perfect for messy hair days.

P.s.... DO wear your baseball cap backwards for a more edgy and fun look ;)

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