What Flatters Your Skin Tone?

What Flatters Your Skin Tone?

EVERYONE has a different skin tone. Which means different colors look good on different people. However, it can be so hard to figure out what is “your color.” So, follow this guide to know what colors flatter your skin tone the most!

       1. If your skin has an olive/yellow or golden undertone then your go to colors are orange, reds, golds, amber, honey gold, mossy green, and turquoise! These are so flattering and really make your hair and skin pop! Avoid icy and jewel tones such as sapphires, ruby, and amethyst.

        2. If your skin tone has a bluish undertone (this can range from very fair to very dark) then you would want pretty blues, emerald, amethyst, or any jewel colors along with ranges of purples, hot pink, or ruby. Avoid colors such as orange and yellows and grey is always a great neutral for this skin tone!

        3. If you have a hard time determining your skin tone or it looks pretty neutral (usually people with ashy blonde hair or hazel eyes) your best colors are pastels such as dusty pinks and purples, or baby blue, and jade green. Avoid anything super BRIGHT as it will wash your skin tone our and be too overwhelming. You can wear yellows and oranges but make sure they are pale or pastels.


The best way to flatter your skin tone is by making sure you are always smiling, and always feel confident. Those are the most flattering of all. 

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