How You Can Help Your Favorite Small Business

How You Can Help Your Favorite Small Business

Spending money every week at your friend’s or favorite person’s boutique can get quite expensive. If you don’t have the funds, you sometimes find yourself getting upset or feel like a bad friend, right? Well, for one, you aren’t a bad friend- AT ALL, and there is tonsss of other ways to help show love to your favorite business that just always buying something! Here is a list of things that cost ZERO DOLLARS to help your fave business!

1. Like and comment on their posts! Let them know what you do and don’t like so they can keep us with their audience- because trust me, they definitely care what you think!

2. Post pictures of you in your clothes! This one is so fun because you get to take a selfie and show off your new clothes! Businesses love this because it lets other people know and shows how it looks on someone than just the models!

3. Tell your friends! The easiest way to support a business is to tell all your friends! Send them deals, add them into groups, or tag them in posts!

4. Share their posts on Facebook! You can always click the share button and show all of your friends on Facebook!

5. Write them a review! This is almost a must-have when someone visits a restaurant or store, because they want to know what kind of experience they are going to get- so help out the wanna be new customers!

See, you don’t always have to buy something, but you can always help influence others to buy something! Your favorite store will ALWAYS love when you shout them out and brag about them- and it costs nothing!