Swimsuit Trends of 2020

Swimsuit Trends of 2020

It can be hard to keep up with swimsuit trends! I mean, you’re only able to wear them a couple months out of the year... so we totally get it!! Read this guide to find out the latest swimsuit trends of 2020!

1. Off the shoulder bikini tops! These are so adorable and adds the perfect amount of flirtiness to your bikini!

2. Mix-match bikinis! These are alwayssss trendy no matter what year it is! Mixing different prints and colors on your tops and bottoms can be SO FUN!

3. Neon! This is going to make that tan skin POP! Neon colors are always beautiful on anyways and so much fun!

4. Cheetah and zebra! Cheetah is always in style but this year zebra is going neck and neck with cheetah on the swimsuit trends! Zebra is simple black and white stripes that make a bikini so fun and exotic!

5. Tie-Dye! We’ve been telling y’all that tie-dye is going to be a big trend this year! Especially with swimsuits because tie-dye is just such a happy pattern and perfect for Summer!

6. High thigh bikini bottoms! These are a newer swimsuit trend this year. It’s bikini bottoms that have high leg holes so it shows more or your hips and legs... giving you and extra sassy look!

7. One pieces with cutouts! Throw out your old one pieces and welcome in one pieces with cutouts! These are literally just one piece bathing suits, but have details of different spots not covered by the fabric making it super flirty and fun!

8. Tops with short sleeves! These are like your surfer girl swim tops! They’re super cute for Summer and totally tubular! These are also great if your shoulders burn very easily, it keeps them nice and covered!

9. SHIMMER!!! Shimmer swimsuits are absolutely stunnningggg!! Wet skin, tanning oil, and a shimmery swimsuit? Talk about a legit Summer glow!!!! These look amazing on anyone!


10. Crop top like tops! These are a big trend with some cheeky swim bottoms! They come to about mid-stomach and look so great on anyone! 

The biggest swimsuit trend of 2020 is feeling pretty in whatever swimsuit you’re in! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!